Our Goal

We have an ambitious long-term goal – Reverse the devastating effects of nervous system injuries. Finally. Our technology to achieve this is a next generation of therapy, ExoTherapy. ExoTherapies use exosomes as nanocarriers to deliver therapeutic molecules in the body creating a healing environment through neuron rewiring and regeneration. Almost anywhere. NurExone’s first drug is targeting acute spinal cord injury. The company’s proprietary drug reversed paralysis in laboratory rats, enabling them to walk again. ExoPTEN. We believe we can transfer this amazing achievement to a drug for humans. And more. As we push the edge of medicine and biology, our ExoTherapy platform technology for producing and loading quality exosomes will incorporate new, exciting technologies and IP that may be licensed and spun off for other applications, and indications, driving early revenues and creating value for shareholders. Join us.

We are currently developing

A platform technology to produce products that are:

Off the shelf



Platform for other indications

Nurexone is aiming to revolutionize recovery from nervous system injuries by regenerating and rewiring of neurons.

We are developing a revolutionary biological extracellular vesicles-based technology drug platform to treat damage in the Central Nerve System (CNS).

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ExoPTEN has been granted Orphan Drug Designation (“ODD”) by the FDA indicating the priority of developing therapies for acute SCI conditions. ODD is expected to streamline regulatory and clinical process