Investor Relations: TSXV: NRX > ExoPTEN has been granted Orphan Drug Designation (“ODD”) by the FDA indicating the priority of developing therapies for acute SCI conditions. ODD is expected to streamline regulatory and clinical process

Drug Delivery by Exosome

Where Nature Ends, NurExone Begins

Exosome based therapies

Potential and Benefits

NurExone chose to base its ultimate drug delivery platform on exosomes-nanosized extracellular vesicles-due to their natural ability to reach inflamed or damaged tissue. By loading exosomes with therapeutic compounds, nanodrugs are created having natural regenerative properties and therapeutic impact.


Off the shelf targeted medicine


Crosses the
Blood Brain Barrier

Regenerate, Rewire, Recover

First product from the ExoTherapy platform
ExoPTEN for acute spinal cord injury

MRI images of laboratory rats

ExoPTEN, an siRNA sequence loaded onto exosomes, has been proven to regenerate and rewire neurons in lab animals with fully transected spinal cords

NurExone ExoTherapy Platform

for Noninvasive Nanodrugs

The company’s dedicated in-house bioreactor produces potent exosomes with high quality and large scale using proprietary 2D and 3D production processes.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
The company’s team of biologists and PhDs sysnthesizes compounds with therapeutic properties and active pharmaceutical ingredients
Nanodrugs are created by loading the therapeutic compound onto exosomes (short peptides, molecules). Known APIs can be repurposed and loaded onto the exosomes under a proprietary loading process.

Where nature ends, NurExone begins

As we unharness the power of exosomes to push the edge of medicine and biology, our ExoTherapy platform technology for producing and loading quality exosomes will incorporate new, exciting technologies and IP that may be licensed and spun off for other applications, and indications, driving early revenues and creating value for shareholders.

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