The company is pursuing partnerships, JVs and licensing agreements with global biopharma companies to use the ExoTherapy platform to develop nanodrugs for additional diseases and indications.

Current collaborations include:

  • Inteligex – to expand the Company’s portfolio and to research a combination regenerative therapy for chronic spinal cord injuries.
    This collaboration, aimed at combining Inteligex’s more than twenty years of experience in cell-based therapies and NurExone’s innovative exosome platform to develop therapies for patients with chronic spinal cord injuries, was approved for grant funding, to be disbursed over the course of the next two years, by the Israel-Canada bilateral Eureka program.

  • Nanometrix – to develop detailed molecular profiling of our exosomes and their siRNA cargo to facilitate QA procedures for repeatable mass production of nanodrugs.

  • Polyrizon – to develop systems for intranasal delivery of nanodrugs

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