ExoTherapy: A proprietary platform for developing exosome-Based therapies



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NurExone chose to base its ultimate drug delivery platform on exosomes-nanosized extracellular vesicles-due to their natural ability to reach inflamed or damaged tissue. By loading exosomes with therapeutic compounds, nanodrugs are created having natural regenerative properties and therapeutic impact.

ExoTherapy Benefits

Minimally invasive drug administration

The natural affinity of exosomes to inflamed or damaged tissue allows minimally invasive and targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules

Off the shelf

Ease of production, distribution and point of care administration


No patient personalization and minimal immunogenicity

Crosses the blood-brain-barrier

For neuron regeneration, rewiring and recovery

Possible Future Indications

Potential for licensing or collaboration agreements
with big pharma companies for:

The Science Of ExoTherapy

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