Benefits of NurExone’s ExoTherapies for Central Nervous System Indications:

  • “Off-the-shelf” use, facilitating production, distribution and point of administration
  • Can be administered to patients non-invasively, intranasally
  • No patient personalization will be required with minimal immunogenicity
  • Exosomes , loaded with therapeutic molecules, cross the blood-brain barrier and reach cells and tissues for regeneration, rewiring and recovery

ExoTherapy Platform

Our first proprietary drug, ExoPTEN, targeted at acute Spinal Cord Injury is being developed using the company’s ExoTherapy Technology and Platform for producing exosomes and loading thereto of therapeutic molecules.

The ExoTherapy platform is being developed to provide:

  • Controlled and efficient large-scale production of quality exosomes
  • High yield loading of therapeutic cargo onto exosomes, with cargo formulations targeted to different mechanisms of action for different indications.

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