Healthcare Burden

Spinal Cord Injury

ExoPTEN is targeted at patients who have recently suffered an acute spinal cord injury, e.g., vehicle, work, sports-related injuries.

Globally, an estimated 250,000–500,000 people suffer from spinal cord injuries (SCIs) annually, with 90% of these injuries stemming from traumatic causes such as vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, or sports-related mishaps. In the United States alone, this accounts for approximately 17,000 new cases per year, while in Europe, there are around 10,000 new cases annually. This suggests a potential market for ExoPTEN of approximately 50,000 new cases per year.

The financial burden on both patients and the healthcare system is considerable. It involves immediate expenses, such as emergency surgeries, followed by prolonged rehabilitation periods. Additionally, many individuals with spinal cord injuries require ongoing financial support to accommodate various disabilities and cope with unemployment.

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