The licensed IP portfolio comprises:

  1. A patent application that was submitted in March, 2019 under the reference: PCT/IL2019/050355. It describes pharmaceutical compositions comprising membrane vesicles, including ESVs including those referred to as exosomes, loaded with an exogenous PTEN inhibitor. Methods of treating neurological diseases, disorders or conditions using the extracellular vesicles are described. Isolated extracellular vesicles loaded with a PTEN inhibitor are described as well.
  2. A patent application that was submitted in June, 2020 under the reference: PCT/IL2020/050641.
    It describes methods and systems for enhanced production and/or secretion of extracellular vesicles from at least one three-dimensional porous scaffold having a population of stem cells cultured thereon, utilizing various shear stress conditions on a variety of stem cells.
Patent App
Barak Zohar