Prof. Michael Belkin

Prof. Michael Belkin

Prof. Michael Belkin, Emeritus professor of Ophthalmology in Tel Aviv University, received an MA degree in Science from Cambridge University, England, and an MD degree in Medicine from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He was the founder and the first director of the university’s Eye Research Institute at the Sheba Medical Center and is a senior advisor to the Singapore Eye Research Institute.

Author of over 250 scientific publications and over 35 patents.  

He was also:

  • Head of the Research and Development branch of the Israeli military medical department.
  • Head of the pediatric ophthalmology services of the Hadassah University Hospital and the Sheba Medical Center
  • Chairman of the Tel-Aviv University Department of Ophthalmology
  • President of the Israel Society of Eye and Vision Research of which he was a co-founder
  • Chairman, Permanent Advisory Committee in Ophthalmology, Ministry of Health.
  • Incumbent of the Tel Aviv University Sidney A. Fox Chair of Ophthalmology
  • Chairman, Ophthalmology Committee, National Councils for Health
  • Chairman, Commercial Relationship Committee, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

His laboratory is dedicated to enabling the transfer of technologies from university-level research to clinical practice by providing expertise and facilities for laboratory, preclinical and clinical studies. He is involved in several such projects at various stages of development in pharmaceutics, biotechnology, lasers, optics and ophthalmic devices.

Prof. Belkin has been involved in the establishment of many medical start-ups in ophthalmology and other fields. One of his noted contributions was inventing and developing the Ex-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device, which is now routinely used in glaucoma surgery worldwide.

He is now developing his latest inventions:

  • A one-second automatic glaucoma laser treatment,
  • A treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye) which will cure not only the vision of the affected eye but also the binocular vision, enabling depth perception.
  • A rapid, accurate, portable and affordable visual assessment system based on advanced eye-tracking technology designed especially for children.
  • A non-invasive device for imaging the capillaries of the retina.

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