Yossi Mograbi

Yossi Mograbi

Senior Manager
for Strategic R&D Projects

Mr. Mograbi has vast experience in the biotech field. He is a serial entrepreneur who initiated eight projects with prestigious scientists and researchers from academic and healthcare institutions.  Four of these projects relate to NCEs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Yissum), and one was started as a collaboration with the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem (Hadasit) regarding a combination drug. Mr. Mograbi is currently involved in three projects with Tel-Aviv University (Ramot) regarding CSS and COVID-19, an anti-viral project, and a project regarding bone applications. Yossi is an inventor or co-inventor on 7 patents.  Mr. Mograbi served as an external consultant for Teva; as an adviser of Yissum (The TTC of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and as a scientific adviser of Syqe Medical (Medical Cannabis inhaler) for six months.

Yossi has served as a mentor of MBA-Biomed students (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Mount Scopus Campus), and as a mentor in the SPARK Program (HU; Hadassah Campus, Ein Karem). 

In addition to his biotech experience, Yossi is known as an expert in the field of dietary supplements. He advised several companies (including Teva) on dietary supplements. Moreover, he has  helped to treat numerous patients (mainly kids) suffering from ultra-rare very severe diseases while using unique dietary supplements. 

Yossi’s company received two NOFAR grants (Cancer project and Lupus project) and he assisted with two Kamin grants, one from Hadasit/Yissum, and one from  BGNegev/Hadasit. 

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