Professor Daniel Offen

Professor Daniel Offen

Scientific Advisory

Studied molecular biology, specializing in RNA processing, at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. He furthered his education at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA, as a

Post-Doctoral Fellow where he developed transgenic models of autoimmunity. Offen has headed The Laboratory for Neurosciences at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center, Tel Aviv University for many years. His work has concentrated on the processes of cell death in neurodegenerative diseases, specifically in Parkinson’s and ALS. Recently, Professor Offen and his group have conducted pioneering work in

the role of stem cells in health and disease. Offen’s research has led to the publication of more than two hundred original articles, review papers and book chapters. Prof. Offen is a co-founder of several biotechnology companies developing gene and cell therapies for neurological disorders. One of them, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, has shown efficacy in ALS patients in a Phase III clinical trial.